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mythology meme:  [5,6/9] deities

↳ Hypnos and Thanatos

Hypnos (Ὕπνος) and Thanatos (Θάνατος) are, respectively, the personifications of sleep and non-violent death; the twin sons of the goddess Nyx, they live in the Underworld, in a place where the rays of the sun and the moon will never touch. Out of the two, Hypnos is said to be the gentler one, although both are ruthless in their own right.


Hey, guys!!! So I’ll be starting art school this August (SQUEE)! And, yeah. I’ll be partly self-supporting now because I am an adult and such. So, as a source of some funds, I thought, why not offer to do some commissions? It’d be really great if you could take some time to check out my offers / prices and /or signal boost to tell your friends who might want to commission some pieces! For now, I’ll take on a bunch and edit this post once I’m on my quota! 

More info under the cut!

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Publicity because beautiful art! Seriously, if you can, grab a commission =)


as thanks for hitting 4k followers, i’m giving away five sets of sampler packs of my PJO tea blends! each sampler contains enough loose-leaf tea for about three cups, and each set will contain six packs — one of each of the currently available blends.


don’t have a strainer to brew loose-leaf with? no problem! one winner will also receive a brand new stainless steel tea ball!


  • you don’t need to be following me (but i thoroughly appreciate everyone who does)
  • if you are following me and you win, though, i’ll doodle something for you on the back on the labels!
  • both reblogs and likes count, so you can have two entries total
  • if you reblog this more than once though, i’m disqualifying you. spamming your followers with giveaway shit is super obnoxious.
  • no giveaway blogs either!
  • winner will be chosen by random number generator!
  • keep your ask box open, if a winner doesn’t respond within 48 hours then i’ll pick someone else!
  • the first winner i pick will be offered the tea strainer ball, and if they don’t want it/already have one/whatever, i’ll offer it to the next winner until someone claims it (so please, future winners, only accept it if you really don’t have a way to make tea yourself just so people who aren’t already equipped have a chance at it)!

and for anyone who doesn’t win or just doesn’t want to deal with a giveaway, all these blends are available for purchase right over here on adagio!


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